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|| ABOUT ME ||

I'm 25 years old and I'm a graduate from the Marketing Major at ITESM Campus Monterrey. I consider myself a world's citizen since I have lived in several places now and I don't believe it'll stop soon. Currently I'm living at Merida, Mexico. Quiet, warm, with lots of nice people and a humid weather most of the year, drop by if you are around.

I have this strange obsession with being the knight in shinning armor and I'm trying to change that 'cause it has meant problems to me so far. I'm single right now and I plan to stay like that for a while.

Things you need to know and remember for my birthday :P

1. Music. I enjoy alternative rock (such as Placebo), goth rock (Nightwish), pop (like Hillary Duff), International pop (Aya Matsuura, Laura Pausini, HaAsh, Soraya, Shakira...), weird/not-common music (Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, KD Lang...).

2. Movies. Romance, Terror and Adventure, those are my fav genres. Fav movies, Alien series, Matrix series, Moulin Rouge, 5th Element, Sister Act, Legally Blond, Malena (and any Monica Bellucci movie, yes including Irreversible), Finding Nemo.

3. Food. Anything but slimmy things or with tiny stuff that you can feel in your mouth. I hate mushrooms, and I really really don't like mole (a traditional mexican dish from Puebla).

4. TV. Mostly cartoons, Fairly OddParents, Hey Arnold, Rugrats and All Grown Up, As told by Ginger, Occidental Dragon, Kim Possible, Simpons, American Dad, Family Guy, Futurama, and anime: Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Noir, Saikano. And some shows as Bones, Lost, Smallville, Gilmore Girls (Hate Rory though... I just love it for Lorelai *drools*).

5. Books. Harry Potter, Three Musketeers (the BOOK not the CANDY BAR), Any Oscar Wilde, any Shakespeare, any Alexander Dumas, Narnia Chronicles, Phantom of the Opera (Most fav), Frankenstein. If it's classic I should read it.

6. Life. I love the poetic side of life, I'm in love with everything that modern society vanishes but still longs for such as romance, true love, long seaside walks. I believe in dragons among the mist, in magical stars & flowers that never wither.

7. Feelings. The best feeling is loneliness... it is so full of all the beautiful things in like, is like a glass between you and the world that allows you to enjoy the little things such as a small piece of garbage running through the street. Have you ever thought about how small things fight with a lot more courage to get through the world?

These are my current websites... check for description, if it's in spanish only then it means the website it's only available in spanish, same for english. If you find the description both in english and spanish then you'll find it in either language.

Un Bel Niente

Journal de iconos y otras cosillas que hago en Photoshop. // This is my icon and other graphic stuff journal I make using Photoshop.
URL: http://un_bel_niente.livejournal.com

Irreversible Fanfiction

Fanfiction en español de varios fandoms.
URL: http://home.graffiti.net/kamatz

Rouge Chambre

Sitio donde posteo ocasionalmente sobre historias entre Victoria y yo. Esa mujer ha estado presente en mi vida desde que tengo memoria.
URL: http://habitacionroja.blogspot.com

Café Kinegrafo

Críticas de cine. Me encanta el cine y trato de ir tanto como puedo. Aquí les comento qué me parecieron las películas que he visto. Tiendo a tener un gusto muy general así que si me gustó casi pueden estar seguros de que les gustará, o al menos tienen una opinion respecto a lo que quieran ver.
URL: http://cafekinegrafo.blogzor.com

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